Trendzoom: Fashion Colour Forecast A/W 2019-2020

Pushing boundaries and crossing lines, colour for autumn/winter 19-20 involves taking risks. There is a growing need to harness a new positivity and to do this with confidence and intelligence.
The colour forecast is an 11-page report published: June, 2018.

This indispensable forecast report unveils the full range of colours for the new season, complete with a selection of core tones and key fashion highlights. It also introduces the three core trends, which have their own colour story.

SPECTRUM - embraces diversity through a broad and varied range of colours and hues creating an intense palette with a retro edge.

OPEN - is a social trend full of upbeat and outgoing elements, colours encourage freestyle play and experimentation.

HIGHER - strikes a creative balance between the natural and manmade environments that surround us and taps into this raw energy.

The colour forecast is an 11-page report published: June, 2018.

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FarbenHerbst/Winter 2020