New look for the evening

For the new season, the evening gowns are apparently even more discreet as highlighted by Karl Lagerfeld. (ITW)
Certain rules still remain including the presence of rhinestones and sequins, again and always. Shiny-ness has a bright future ahead of it and still attracts many more designers. Then there is the famous low-cut neckline enhancing the chest, shoulders and neck. Other possible openings, the slit, rather high, always leaving a suggestive view of the leg. Finally a low-cut back also takes pride of place, demonstrating that a dress is worked on and beautiful to look at on both sides. Transparency is chic and purity is the perfect word to define this new look ... (ITW)

music- artist : Muse / Album : The Resistance / title : I Belong to you (+ mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix) / ref : Warner

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