Gustavo Lins - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

For his latest couture collection and just as usual, Gustavo Lins compares clothes to architecture, his original profession. This results in pieces constructed around the body, like draped dresses, or his jackets with highlighted shoulders and removable sleeves. The Brazilian designer who has taken up residence in Paris, adds all the contrasts that he likes ; mixing menswear/women (men also parade in his collection), but also the fluidity of a piece which meets the stiffness of a coat for example. Gustavo Lins also created the print designs himself in warm tones.

Music from the fashion show

Gustavo Lins : As an architect, comfort is the base of a space that works, and for me a garment is not an object, it's a space where we go, where we move. And for me this collection is really the synthesis of everything I love, masculine and feminine, dark colours versus bright colours, daywear clothes and eveningwear, sober pieces or a minimalist baroque. And this porcelain piece was what suddenly clicked, to be able to bring out the logic of fabric of Haute Couture, and to explore new grounds.

I created the prints, I use silk frames, I paint and once I find what I want, I send the scanned print to an Italian factory and then they're printed in a serious way.

But all the work is done by hand, by paintbrush.

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