Meeting between Ikué and Miyaki Iramuné, twins from Japan, and the house Valentino

Ikué and Miyaki are 17 year old twins from Japan. Jet-setters and bloggers in their country, they are crazy about shopping and big couture houses. Meanwhile, they are studying at Esmod Tokyo and are preparing their first collection. Having already a very pronounced style, it's with Valentino that they have found their dream dresses.

Ikué and Miyaki Iramuné : I think the dresses are very romantic, and we love these classic styles, so I think it's perfect. The dresses are very fresh and the colours, I think it's very light and I feel like a Cinderella. I have never worn haute couture before and the dresses are all a pleasure to wear, this is something that I have never experienced before. We love Valentino, I think it is very fresh and good for young women, so I can't wait to wear it.

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