Meeting between the young Vietnamese Lan Vy Tran and designer Jan Taminiau

Lan Vy lives and studies at the French International School Marguerite Duras in Saïgon and is the first Vietnamese to be part of the Debutante Ball since it began. For the occasion, she does not want to waste any time and chose to interrupt her holidays so that she could quickly make her way to Paris to meet the designer Jan Taminiau who will dress her for the Ball.

Lan Vy Tran : I live in a very closed off place, in Saigon, a place that nobody knows. I love Paris, it's always a pleasure to come to this beautiful city. It is like living in a fairy tale.
I did not know the designer before, so when I heard about him, I immediately did some research of his work and saw that it is beautiful. I also saw that he dresses Lady Gaga and I've always found her way of dressing very contemporary.
They're dresses that I cannot really wear elsewhere, they're made for something special so I feel super special.

Jan Taminiau : We have a lot of young girls being already mature nowadays, and you have some young girls that are still terribly innocent so it's always good to see few options, some more mature and more grown up and some more fun and funky and a little bit for more young girls, so it will be really good to see it on her, to see what she is as a girl and a grown up woman now.
There is always work to be done, because you have to fit it to her body, and I want to have it perfect, you always have to start working and reworking the dress to get the balance and everything right but for this case, she already has a beautiful body.

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