Marni Flower Market - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interviews)

Marni celebrates its 20th anniversary and revolves the show around the iconic part of their identity: the flower. On Sunday morning in Milan for the presentation of the summer collection, Caroline, the daughter of the founder Consuelo Castiglioni, created a flower market bringing to life the essence of the label. It really had the Italian feeling and the “Dolce Vita” !!! Interview: Carolina Castiglioni: This is the Marni flower market and it’s part of the Marni Prisma so it’s our project to celebrate the 20th anniversary. We decided to do a flower market because we love flowers, and we go to flower markets, and because flowers are part of our DNA, we always had flowers in our prints since the beginning, and because flowers are colourful and spontaneous and fresh and this world links to Marni, and part of our DNA.Renzo Rosso: Cool, nice, the real new alternative to the luxury because the real luxury is a little bit arrogant, too pretentious and I think Marni is more sweet and modern and is something that I wish will become important for the future.Free Music/ Bandit & Nikit

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