Giambattista Valli - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

« Romantic, fresh, young, with beautiful colours » the sublime model Aya Jones perfectly sums up the new Giambattista Valli collection presented in the Grand Palais. The designer transports us into his elegant and luxury universe. He reworks the idea of tunics worn over flared trousers, with floral prints, and bands and sequined squares. Unless you choose a more graphic ensemble without sleeves, or another blouse composed of a band of orange fur, or even another embroidered with flowers. The frills are posed on shirts, the fine embroideries resemble lace, and the colours vary from green to pink, with several more vibrant touches. The shoulders are emphasised and rounded, the fine boots are completely tied with laces, and a swallow poses on a necklace. Only Valli manages to play with an exaggerated romance, with flowers that are both fragile and invasive. At the end of the show, we met the designer’s two muses, Lee Radziwill and even the cool, young Bianca Brandolini. Interviews: Aya Jones: I’ve had the opportunity to work many times with Giambattista Valli, Edward Enninful and all the team, everyone is so nice , everyone is so friendly, and it’s really enjoyable to do the fittings, it all goes super well, and to do the show as well, it’s great.An over jacket without sleeves, turquoise blue, a very beautiful blue, I don’t know how to describe it but it’s really beautiful. Quite romantic, there are flowers, fresh colours, it’s really new, it’s really for the young, new generations but also for older women too.Music from the show

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