Giambattista Valli Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (with interviews)

Designer: Giambattista ValliPlace: The interior court of the Petit Palais, amidst lush vegetation. Collection: Numéro 13 – Haute CoutureA collection showcasing women in delicate and romantic florals, with draped fabric, ball gowns comprising fine and intricate layers of tulle, and macramé cocktail dresses.The contrasting lengths, both long and short, as well as the colours which set the tone.Focus on: Short caped dress in yellow silk chiffon Draped dress in silk chiffonDress embellished with lilies, jasmine, tuberose, roses, peoniesDress with a short length at the front, yet with a train at the backOversized bows on the shoulders of a jacketCropped top embroidered with flowersCoat entirely embroidered with crystal mirrorsTo note: The phenomenal jewellery by Eleuteri + ballet shoes as well as the high platform shoes Interviews:Giambattista Valli: My nymphs, and the muses, the nymphs of the Petit Palais, the gardens of the Petit Palais; it’s a garden which is slightly hidden, it’s an extraordinary paradise.These are the photos that I took in all the gardens in Paris, at the time when they were all in bloom during spring, and I gave them to all the ateliers, to work these flowers like materials. For example, the entire first part is with the macramé which was a result of the photos. Afterward, it’s all a story of embroidery, texture, prints, and this is all a result of the work and research that I was doing. These textures made with the flowers.These girls are both pure and perverse at times, with these very high heels and these little dresses appear slightly timid. And then there are ball gowns paired with "flat shoes", super-short dresses with great tops, and it's these little contrasts which make the collection contemporary. This eclecticism which represents the woman.It was about lightness. Extreme volumes were sought with absolute lightness. In addition, the idea to do it outdoors, with a breeze and movements which give life to the clothes.Céline Dion: Always a dreamer, it’s what we all dream about. It’s like everything that’s painted on the ceiling, we can’t get to it but we want to. It passes before us and we want it, we want every gown. It really was fabulous. Thank you Giambattista Valli, the whole teal. Fabulous!Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)

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