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Strange futurism at the shows, as fashion goes full sci-fi...

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Fashion always needs to be a step ahead, looking towards the future. even more so today. to present their autumn/winter 2018/19 collections, the designers leave in search of other worlds… from an xxl spaceship which landed with a robot at philipp plein, to an enchanting spatial base installed in the heart of the louvre for louis vuitton. from there, two worlds collide. those who protect themselves for the future like craig green at moncler with astronaut layered puffers, to calvin klein and prada with their own versions of safety clothing, ready to face whatever lies outside. on the other side, the operation is already transforming. who are the girls covered entirely in silver, with rhinestones faces, or painted all in white with antenna like ears? has human mutation already begun? jeremy scott at moschino evens asks whether jacky kennedy was an alien. it’s something to think on, and then to alessandro michele at gucci who pushes the boundaries of strange even further, somewhere between fiction and reality, with heads carried like handbags, these strange beings and even this dragon which appears like a regular pet…with these shows, fashion has already gone full sci-fi. music bandit & nikit - 2018