Tibi - Womens & Mens Spring/Summer 2020 collection in New York (with interview)

Designer: Amy SmilovicInspiration: Tibi’s men and women walk around a theatre in New York’s Times Square, mixing confort and urban chic.Collection: Revisited utility trousers, in light and flexible materials such as nylon, and in pink tones, are worn with a tailored jacket with padded shoulders. The suit remains a central element, in a loose way. A touch of sportswear for tops with cut-out hemlines with zips. The dresses have multiple details such as elastic pleats and cuts revealing the body. The man is equally present, with daring soft colours.To note: The silver trousers are worn with a camel turtleneck sweater.Interview :Amy Smilovic : It’s really about taking risks and I think for women and men it’s always that challenge of how you balance that risk with practicality and utility, and so we really try to figure out where those two things would intersect, where does risk meet practicality and experiment and push ourselves to try new things, new shapes, new fabrics, new colour combinations. Like a track nylon and so it’s just an update on the jogger. If you’re tired of a tracked jogger it’s just our great wide legged cargo pant and then you wear it with a blazer that’s got a lot of interest and structure to it and it feels really new. It’s different volumes because even like this one is quite slim and narrow but then you’ve got the shape lower down so you’ve got a lot of different options for things that curve and come off the body and then things that just lay on the body, but the tailoring is so important, it really is an area of expertise of ours and it’s a little bit of our differentiator in the market.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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